November 5 – 11, 2018 Kaw Valley Almanac

click here to download free .pdf of November 5, 2018 Kaw Valley Almanac


4 thoughts on “November 5 – 11, 2018 Kaw Valley Almanac

  1. I am an avid follower of the Almanac since moving back to Jefferson County 4 years ago. For the first three years I had a pair of barred owls in my woods, and every evening in the warm months they would hunt in my yard every evening, even bringing their young. This summer I have heard or seen nothing of them at all. This concerned me since when I lived in PA, we lost all the great horned owls, who moved out due to the noise of fracking. There is not that problem here. Another friend who lives 10 miles north of me has also heard no barred owls this summer. Has anyone else experienced this? Of course the owls might have simply changed territory, but seems unlikely since we are near Lake Perry and there is ample habitat, and this property has over 40 acres of woods.


    • I have not heard of any reduction of barred owl populations in eastern Kansas, rather my guess is that they seem to be increasing if anything. They do not necessarily stick around after breeding season. You might post your question to the KS Bird listserv or the Kansas Ornithological Society web site ( or their page on facebook. Feel free to post again if you find out anything more or they return, and good luck!


    • Sorry for the delay: it is available here online: and I keep it updated on a regular basis to make sure the links are still current, adding new resources as I run across the best new ones. If you want to download a copy, just “select” the text on that page, copy it, then paste it into a word processor of your choice and it should keep the clickable links when you do this. Or just bookmark the online link I provided at the beginning of this post and that way you can ensure that you have the latest updated links. Hope this helps!


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