January 28 – February 3, 2013 Kaw Valley Almanac

January 28, 2013


3 thoughts on “January 28 – February 3, 2013 Kaw Valley Almanac

  1. Ken,
    Do check with Sarah Hill Nelson about how the low flow on the Kaw is effecting the power plant in the north powerhouse. She gave a tour Saturday to Lawrence Modern and we all saw 3 of the 4 turbines running. Part of the low flow is because the feeding tributaries have been frozen. Now that they are thawing, the flow is up.


    • Carey,
      The report I received from others who made it to the open house was that while 3 of the turbines were turning they were not generating any electricity because the water volume was not enough to generate. But I will check with Sarah to confirm this–thanks!


      • Yes; the three turbines were rotating to keep them lubricated so that when the water level rises high enough to actually start generating, they’ll be ready.


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