December 10-16, 2012 Kaw Valley Almanac

December 10, 2012


4 thoughts on “December 10-16, 2012 Kaw Valley Almanac

  1. OOO…the moon will be setting @ 5:45 on Thursday. I will plan to take my supper in front of the west window to watch the show! Thanks for the alert, Ken


  2. Sounds great–let us know what you see. Remember, tho, that the greatest number of meteors, up to one per minute, will not be seen until between midnight and Friday’s sunrise.


    • Upon re-reading your comment, it has to do with the moon setting around sunset–it does sound like a great show for suppertime! But if you wake up Thursday night and can’t get to sleep again, go outside and make a wish on a shooting star–maybe it’ll help!


      • Gad–one last observation and then I promise I’ll quit! Thursday is New Moon, so while it sets right after sunset, it will be a very rare view to see the moon when it is only 20 hours old. You’ll need a pair of binoculars and a very clear horizon. The following night, Friday, will be easier to see and still be quite spectacularly thin.


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